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Hello dear parents,

I know I have many new faces this school year and I'm excited to get to know each and everyone of you. In October I have lots of fun activities planned out and look forward to a month full of learning and exploring. Here is a general overview of how this month is planned out, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Week 1: The first week of October we will be discussing fall and all its wonders. We will be doing crafts with leaves, pumpkins and other fall items.This week has lots of fun crafts and hands on activities. 

Week 2: We dive back into full learning mode with letter C. Some of the words we will be discussing are cat, caterpillar, cow, cactus and clown. We will practice writing letter C on worksheets, blank paper, play doh and on the chalkboard. Look for different worksheets sent home in your child's folder. I always suggest parents bring those out at home and review what your child learned that week. 

Week 3: During the third week of October we will be discussing letter D. Some of the words we will be discussing are dog, deer, duck, donut, dandelion and doctor. We will practice letter D the same ways that we practiced letter C such as on the chalkboard, worksheets and play doh. Please make sure you are checking your childs folder every day that its sent home.

Week 4: The last week of October we will be doing all Halloween based activities and learning. We will be doing lots of crafts to get the room ready for the Halloween and the Halloween party. We will also review letters A, B, C and D to help keep these new letters fresh in all the students minds. 

I cant wait to get this month started and see what kind of fun we can get into! Please if you have question feel free to contact me at any time,

Meghan Douglas